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The Latest Direction in Motorised / Automated Blinds

The Latest Direction in Motorised / Automated Blinds

If you’re planning to install new shading systems at your home or business, you might be considering automatic varieties of shades. With so many options between shading styles and designs, deciding between traditional manual shading and modern motorised shading is just one choice of many, but what does motorised shading offer that manual shading doesn’t?

For those carefully considering their options, you should know about the top three unique benefits of installing an automatic shading system.

1. Contactless control and convenience

The convenience of a motorised shade or blind really can’t be understated! The features of motorised shading gives you control over your shades without even having to touch them, meaning that there’s no need to interrupt your activity and movements in order to adjust your shades. Motorised shading can be controlled with the touch of a button, or with an automatic system, you don’t even need to use a remote as they can be set on a timer.

Whether you’re in the middle of cooking a meal or in the middle of a presentation, motorised shades and blinds are a convenient option for any lifestyle and setting.


 2. Cordless design acts as a safety feature

For many people, the cords, chains, and strings that come with traditional shades and blinds can be a deterrent for choosing these kinds of shading systems. In family homes, day-care centres, and aged-care facilities, having loose cords around can be a serious hazard for both the young and the elderly.

By choosing a motorised alternative, blinds and shades can be controlled without the need for cords or chains. Eliminating this kind of hazard entirely, automatic shading systems make for a great option in family homes and facilities.


 3. Increases property value

If you’re a contractor, or a homeowner looking to sell now or increase your property value for the future, motorised shading is a smart choice. Just like any other custom feature of a commercial or residential building, motorised shades installed on doors and windows are more of an asset than the alternative.

Being both a practical and an attractive feature for appraisals and potential buyers, choosing to invest in an automatic shading system is undoubtedly going to increase your property value.

Motorised blind and curtain trends have made significant strides in technology and aesthetics. When it comes to residential and office spaces looking for minimalism and wanting to keep up with what’s contemporary, automated blinds are clearly the best option.  Turnerarc’s wide range of solutions for interior and exterior blinds guarantees that we’ve got something to suit every space



The current direction in contemporary Australian living and office space is based on minimalist aesthetics – clean, uncluttered spaces and clean lines.  Finishes are important, and most choose to go with sleek blinds and sheer curtains. The aim is to allow natural light in without changing the visual ambience of the room.  Motorised blinds and curtains play a critical role in setting the aesthetic of a room without drawing attention thanks to Turnerarc’s range of silent motors.


Unconventional Designs

As trends in interior design and architecture reflect bold shapes and clean designs, the design scope of blinds makes them the most popular choice of interior designers and architects worldwide. Recent design direction in roller blinds include blinds with horizontal waves, multi-textured structures with tasteful fabric elements, or even blinds which are photo printed with a unique pattern or image of your choice.


A Smart Home – Sustainability

The very best interior designers understand that texture plays an important role in setting the tone of a room. Designers have embraced sustainability and are reducing environmental impact by using natural materials like wood, linen, and bamboo. Wood offers a luxurious option for those looking for something on the rustic side. Linen has an immediate calming effect on any room by letting in diffused, soft natural light. Whilst bamboo has become a popular choice for homes looking to add a soft, natural touch to a room.


Smart Solutions for the Modern Home

For those living a fast paced, dynamic lifestyle every free minute is important. By equipping your home with blinds that are compatible with sensors, smartphones, and voice control, you can transform the way in which your window shades work to make your life easier. Turnerarc’s  wide range of interior blind solutions transforms your home into a connected home, making life convenient, increasing your home’s security and improving your home’s energy efficiency.


Automated Blinds in Australia

With Turnerarc’s home automation solutions, controlling your home at the touch of a button on your smartphone device is now a reality! Contact Turnerarc today and we’ll provide an assessment and consultation, so that you get the absolute best for your space.