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Over the course of ages the work place/living space has become more than just a means of protection against the elements. A working or living space should not only be energy-efficient it should also provide a healthy living environment, in particular:

physical comfort - provide enough fresh air throughout the house;

visual comfort - allow natural light to penetrate without annoying glare;

thermal comfort - not too warm nor too cold;

acoustic comfort - ensure quietness inside the house.

Windows are a complex and interesting part of the building fabric of a workplace/home. They admit light, warmth and fresh air; they connect the occupants visually with the outside world and can also frame spectacular views. But from an energy efficiency point of view they are usually the weak link in the building structure. Through windows up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained. High-performance, double or even triple glazing helps this equation, as does careful consideration of window size, location and orientation, but to ensure the best thermal performance of your home, you’ll need effective window furnishings blinds, curtains and shutters can improve a window’s performance, make your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs whilst contributing to healthy air-flow/ventilation.

HEALTHY LIVING Sustainable solutions for Window Furnishings
“We have done and continue to do our homework in this arena of critical importance.”
HEALTHY LIVING Sustainable solutions for Window Furnishings

(SUSTAINABLE PROJECT: South Eveleigh, Sydney. 6 Star building with a 5 Star NABERS Energy rating.)



We strive to build long-term relationships with our suppliers. These are rooted in a shared commitment to enhancing quality, reducing environmental impact, and focusing on social responsibility.

We like to work with a limited number of suppliers in order to build valuable partnerships that contribute to transparency, good quality, dialogue, and responsible development. TurnerArc’s shading solutions help to contribute to a building’s overall green rating, sustainability and user wellbeing.

We use suppliers that manufacture and supply products that help alleviate the greatest environmental threat of our time, climate change. And to extend our environmental concerns further we are striving to use suppliers that
1. Have a commitment to reduce there carbon footprint demonstrably.
2. Have introduced green packaging (bubble wrap, packaging tapes, etc made from recycled materials) as well as actively recycling aluminium and cardboard waste.
3. Introducing a takeback program for products that are no longer needed. This program is intended to ensure the environmentally responsible disposal of used products/fabrics/ and or their repurpose for donation to charitable organisations, etc.

We value the people, partners and suppliers who make our products possible and we work hard to make our workplaces inclusive, safe and motivating.

Gold Coast Interior Design - Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings
Verosol SilverScreen fabrics reflect up to 85% of solar radiation
Gold Coast Interior Design - Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings
In air-conditioned buildings they can cut energy consumption by 20% while in buildings without air conditioning they cut consumption by approximately 10%.