Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings - Roller Blinds

Internal Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are one of the most functional ways to manage heat and light in the home or work place as well as honour the latest innovations in contemporary design.
Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings - CURTAINS


TurnerArc’s curtains are custom-made to fit any window both commercially and residentially and can be a beautiful addition to any interior.
Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings - Shutters

Our Shutters

The unique processes that are available to Turnerarc Shutters in the manufacturing of each range of shutters allows us to provide you with an economical window covering, whilst adding to the appeal and value of your home.
Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings - Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are ideal if you are looking for an alternative to curtains. With motorisation options available, they provide excellent insulation for energy efficiency and sound absorption and are custom-made to fit any window.
Gold Coast Medical Curtain Track Systems


Our Hospital Curtain Tracking system allows a large choice of configurations for bed screens in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors surgeries. It can be attached directly to the ceiling, wall-to-wall with suspension tube supports or supports solely by suspension tubes.
Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings - Concealed Blinds


Concealed Blinds can be recessed inside the wall or inside the ceiling, with the blind gap towards the window or towards the room. As a general rule, blinds should be installed as close to the window as possible to minimise gaps on the sides of the blind.
Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings - Specialty Systems


Selecting the perfect window furnishings involves many different elements that can transform and protect your space. With the clever use of design, colour and texture and the right product, TurnerArc can provide the right shade solutions for any space internally or externally to future-proof buildings in any type of opening or skylight.
Gold Coast Custom Window Furnishings - Anti-Ligature


Carefully designed for high-risk environments and to simplify risk management in mental health settings and detention centres with TurnerArc’s magnetic anti-ligature system.

Anti-ligature roller and vertical blinds, tracks, accessory mounting plates and en-suite doors carefully designed to eliminate ligature risks.

Internal Shading Systems