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Concealed Blinds


From the smallest windows to massive doors and skylights, we have solutions to make any blind disappear.

Concealed Blinds Gold Coast
Concealed Blinds & Tracks Gold Coast
Concealed Blinds Gold Coast
Concealed Blinds & Tracks Gold Coast


With attention to detail, Turnerarc’s products can be recessed into provided pelmets or an open recess.
The space inside the wall or ceiling can be prepared and provided by the builder or façade contractor onsite.

Our team will coordinate and provide all the details and required dimensions for the required system that will be recessed.

There is no limit on what can be recessed from manual or automated blinds, curtain tracks or side channels used for internal Blockout systems or even external Zipscreen systems.

As a general rule, blinds & curtains should be installed as close to the window as possible to minimise gaps on the sides of the product. This increases privacy, reduce light coming in and warm air circulating to the room which will sit behind the blind or curtain against the glazing. With Turnerarc’s side channels from their suppliers, gaps can be eliminated and 100% blackout can be achieved.


Clean aesthectics with the head of the Blinds or Curtain Tracks sitting above the ceiling line and out of sight.

Recessed cabling for any required power for Automated systems can be hidden and also wired into the top of the recess. This can also be carried out even if the systems are not being installed at that time, this can future proof Automated systems being able to be used down the track.

Architectural design is not compromised by light control.


Solutions for windows and doors.

Solutions for skylights and glazed roof openings.

Solutions to recess blinds & curtain tracks.


We partner with leading automation companies to provide several options in shading system automation and control. Blinds/Drapery can be controlled with either a wall-mounted switch, a hand-held remote, or via a smartphone app. For ultimate convenience, we can also integrate your motorised shading system with your existing home automation system. Commercially we can integrate with any BMS system and offer a complete automated package.

Concealed Blinds Gold Coast
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