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Shade Sails, a Solution for Summer!

Shade Sails, a Solution for Summer!

Whether we’re on the clock or having our own leisure time, Australian’s love to spend time outdoors when the sun’s out! While there are many benefits to spending time in the sun, we also need to make sure we’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Shade sails are a great solution to providing protection and shelter to an area. It can be installed in your home’s outdoor areas – balconies, patios, swimming pool areas, etc. They are also commonly used for businesses, car parks, recreational areas, or coffee shops. Shade sails are not only stylish, but they’re also a great economical solution for shelter, and they require minimal maintenance after installation.

With a modern architectural design, Turner Arc Shading Systems shade sails can freshen up the look of your outdoor settings, and with the right shade you’ll get maximum sun protection and shade with your outdoor installation.


Why choose a shade sail?

Not only do shade sails add a sculptural design to your outdoor area, but they provide many benefits. You can be sure to enjoy your summer knowing that you have UV protection with a strong, durable shade sail – water resistant sails are also available, so there’s no need to worry about sun showers raining on your parade!


Planning ahead

Before you install your shade sail, there are a few key things to consider to ensure that you create a clear plan and get the most out of your shade sail.

Planning is important to help you decide on the right shade for your space, the right position for the shade, what the size of your shade should be, etc. Consider the layout of the area and how you plan to use it.

To start planning, think about the following factors:

  • The angle of the sun throughout the day
  • How much surface area the sun reaches
  • What area you want to be covered
  • What the area will be used for (e.g. entertaining guests, kid’s play area, cafe courtyard?)
  • What seasons will you be using this area

It is also important to note that some locations, such as a public area or business, will require a permit to install a shade structure.


Customise your shade sail

Once you’ve done a little planning, you can now think about what colours and design you want your shade sail to be. With a selection of colours and sail materials, you can customise the look of your shade sail to match your outdoor area perfectly.

Turnerarc Shading Systems has the right shade sail for your outdoor oasis. For help planning, designing, and installing your shade sail, get in touch with one of our experts – together we can create your ideal outdoor area for an ideal summer!