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Match Your Shades to Your Home Style and how to choose the right shade for each room

Match Your Shades to Your Home Style and how to choose the right shade for each room

Interior design has always been a beloved interest and source of pride for homeowners, but never more so than now.  Creating a domestic space with the perfect look and feel has become a focus for many, since we’ve been spending more and more time at home, and interior design is one of the biggest contributing factors to creating that perfect look and feel.

No two homes are the same, as personal style and the domestic needs of a homeowner are unique to each individual, however home decor trends are undoubtedly influential when it comes to renovating and styling. From minimalistic to bohemian, whatever style your home fits into, the design of your window and glass door shades is a significant detail in the overall look.

Curtains with an eye-catching pattern could disturb the clean look of a minimalist home, just like a cool-coloured blind could look a little too drab for a home with an eccentric retro character. So, if you’re looking to update your home shading, identify your style and we’ll suggest the perfect shading design to complement your home.


Modernist & Minimalist

Minimalist interior design is very similar to a modern architecture and decor style, so the two work together very well. Both styles are characteristically defined by clean lines, smooth surfaces, and a cool, monochromatic colour palette. The idea behind modernist and minimalist styles is to create a clear, uncluttered space, giving a home a calming feel with graceful simplicity.

Natural light plays an important role in achieving this look – you want the space to be filled with light, rather than clutter, to complete that clean and relaxing environment.

For the modern minimalist home, we recommend either a sleek roller blind or an angular duette shade. Roller blinds and duette shades are great options for this style of interior design – they both provide maximum light, they’re almost invisible when pulled up, and when down they have a simple and clean aesthetic, making them perfect for creating a modern minimalist space. With a variety of colours and fabrics, Turner Arc offers roller blinds and duette shades that can be customised to your personal preferences. Talk to us today, and we’ll help you choose the perfect shading system for your modern minimalist home.


Contemporary & Mid-Century Modern

Contemporary and mid-century modern interior designs are categorised by different eras, however they share a lot of aesthetic similarities. Both styles are defined by their bold shapes, striking accents, and artistic edge. Homes that adopt these styles of interior design are a kind of visual playground, giving homage to the creativity behind carpentry and other forms of practical art.

When it comes to selecting a shading system for your contemporary or mid-century modern home, you should first consider whether you want something plain that won’t distract from your decor, or whether you’d like something that adds to your home’s motif. Whichever route you choose, pleated blinds or curtains are excellent choices for both. Utilising features such as shape and texture, pleated blinds and curtains are easily matched to any contemporary or mid-century modern design style. With many options to customise to your home’s colour palette and featured textures, Turner Arc can help you complete the look. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you to select the perfect curtains or pleated blinds for your unique home.


Country & Coastal

Becoming increasingly favoured over the past few years, both country and coastal style interior designs are making a comeback. More than any other home decor, these styles are popularised due to the welcoming, calming, and intimate environment that they create. While a country aesthetic tends to be more rustic than your usual clean coastal look, they share the same typical features. Country and coastal interior designs take inspiration from a blend of clean and shabby, old and new, and traditional and trendy.

This is why either curtains or shutters are the ideal choices of shading for a country or coastal style home – both options are traditional, yet modern. Turner Arc offers a choice of materials for shutters, as well as a choice of fabrics for curtains, so you can personalise your shading system to your style.  Whether you’re designing a rustic country space or a clean coastal one, you’ll find the ideal shading system that completes your home’s old and new blended look.


Retro & Bohemian

As our communities shift more towards sustainable living, so too is home decor. Retro and bohemian interior design is another increasingly common style of home decor, as second-hand furnishings and adornments become preferred over brand new. The two styles themselves are not necessarily the same aesthetically, however they’re both characterised by their vintage direction, homely feel, natural materials, and often eclectic and bright decor.

If you’re looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly shading system that’s going to fit in with a retro or bohemian home, we suggest timber venetian blinds or curtains. With materials such as timber and natural fabric options such as linen and cotton, venetian blinds and curtains are both wonderful options for this lifestyle, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. With most retro and bohemian interior designs being either wood or fabric based, Turner Arc’s timber venetian blinds and custom curtains are ideal.

Take the time to think about each room’s decor, colour, and feel – as well as purpose – and make sure the blinds you are choosing work throughout your home. You might end up with different blinds in every room, two styles to match two broad room types or another combination.



How to Choose the right shading system for each room:


You can use any type of window covering for this room as long as it enhances comfort and privacy. Blackout shades or darker Roman blinds are a popular choice because they can keep out light and promote sleep even during the day. Automated blinds are a great idea for the bedroom, as they allow you to control the blinds from the comfort of your bed and pre-program the blinds to open or close at convenient times.



Your main consideration when selecting blinds for the kitchen should be ease of cleaning and maintenance, as this is where the blinds are most likely to come in contact with foodstuffs. Choose plastic or metal blinds with smooth finishes, because rough or textured materials are hard to clean.



Bathrooms tend to be humid and wet, so it’s best to choose materials that are not prone to water damage, such as plastic or vinyl. PVC Shutters are a popular choice because apart from being asthetically pleasing they are also less prone to soak up moisture, thus minimising stains from moulds and mildew and lowering your maintenance duties in the bathroom.


Living Room

Your living room is one of the most ‘public’ rooms in your house, so style, comfort, and privacy are essential. Roller blinds and curtains offer the most stylistic options because you can choose from many types of cloth to complement the room’s design.


A home office or Room of Your Own

A study should be a private space, but not a dimly lit cave. You want to create a room that is bright enough so it doesn’t hamper work or reading. However, privacy should also be maintained. Slatted blinds, such as External Venetian Blinds or Shutters offer more control over light entry while still providing adequate window cover. Wooden venetian blinds can also lend an air of sophistication to your study.


Safety and Darkness in the Babies Room

In an infant or small child’s room, there are two main concerns – sleep and safety. For safety, make sure the blinds don’t include cords that are within reach of children or that they are not placed near cribs. Also, ensure that there are no small spaces where fingers and toes can be pinched. Blackout roller blinds or Blackout curtains are best for creating a sleep-friendly, dark space day or night. Automated blackout shades are the best all-around option, as these don’t have pull cords to worry about in the first place.

Whatever your style, we have the perfect shading system for your home. Reach out to our team today, and we’ll be happy to help you choose and customise your shades to complete your special space!