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Bringing the inside out with Operable Roof Systems: Outdoor Living – the benefits and how to Shade your space

Bringing the inside out with Operable Roof Systems: Outdoor Living – the benefits and how to Shade your space

Blending the benefits of nature with indoor comforts has become the aim as we spend the majority of our time inside, whether we are at home, at work, or travelling.

We were once totally connected to nature, today we have evolved into creatures of comfort who seek the ideal interior atmosphere for our activities.

Whilst leading busy lives it’s easy to forget that the outdoors can truly be an extension of our living space; we outdoor rooms/areas to extend the indoors, but we don’t always use them to their full potential.

Spending too much time indoors comes with potential health risks. Alternatively, the multitude of health benefits of being outdoors has become so clear.  There is a real need for fresh air, natural light, comfortable indoor and outdoor temperatures and if we maximize outdoor living this will undoubtedly lead us to live longer, healthier lives.


5 Benefits of spending more time outdoors

1. Boost immune system

Scientists think that breathing in phytoncides—airborne chemicals produced by plants—increases your levels of white blood cells, helping fight off infections and diseases. Spending daily outdoor time can help you staying healthy. Create a space where some of your daily activities can be done outdoors. Love cooking? Get an outdoor kitchen under a louvered roof and start preparing your family dinner outside. Make sure to add plants around the outdoor space for full benefit!


2. Air quality

Studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be five to ten times — and occasionally more than 100 times — higher than outdoor levels. It is therefore more important than ever to spend enough time outdoors every day. Some easy ways to do that are eating outside, taking your laptop to an outdoor area when working from home or taking some time in your garden every day.


3. Increase vitamin D intake

it can be hard to get your natural dose of Vitamin D when spending so much time indoors. Vitamin D is a nutrient your body needs for building and maintaining healthy bonesbecause your body can only absorb calcium, the primary component of bone, when vitamin D is present. Vitamin D also regulates many other cellular functions in your body. As little as 15 minutes outdoors can help so take that brisk walk today!


4. Reduce stress

Being outside among nature can help reduce your heart rate, muscle tension, and blood pressure. One way to guide you in your healthier lifestyle can be to create a safe, quiet outdoor space, such as a pergola, where you can decompress anytime you need to. Make sure this space offers sun protection and is also water resistant so you can use it throughout the year.


5. Improve memory

Studies have found that human memory improved by as much as 20% after walking in nature. While not everyone has access to hiking trails near them, transform your backyard into a nature path by adding plants, trees and wild flowers. Choose native plants to your climate and area to respect your local eco-system.


Outdoor Roof Ideas

Outdoor rooms are one of the hottest additions to a property, providing an inviting space to enjoy outdoor living at its fullest. However, no outdoor space is complete without an attractive and durable roof. There are plenty of elegant outdoor room roof ideas that look great on the structure of your choice.

Installing a roof is a wise investment because it creates an extra layer of shade and protection from inclement weather and adds to a pergola’s charm. Read on to learn about different roof ideas.


The Benefits of a (waterproof) Operable Roof

If you want a comfortable outdoor area that accommodates year-round use, install a waterproof operable roof. With a waterproof roof, you can relax and enjoy the sound of falling rain while engaged in an exercise session, work in your outdoor office, or dine alfresco.

Choose a waterproof roof that is static, retractable, or lightweight for a chic outdoor structure that keeps you warmer and drier. If needed, integrate a gutter system with an operable roof, in addition to using a pitched roof design to control the runoff of any precipitation.


Some Outdoor area Roof Options:

 Create the outdoor area of your dreams with a range of versatile operable roof ideas. Choose a retractable roof system or a louvered roof system to promote air circulation while still offering protection from the elements. A desirable roof should increase privacy and comfort, cooling shade, and style points.


Static roof

If you don’t feel it will be necessary to occasionally adjust your roof, opt for a fixed or static cover for your outdoor structure. Choose a sustainable material like bamboo for an attractive bamboo roof. Or, consider installing a sturdy waterproof canvas roof or even a static roof that is metal, plastic, or glass.


Louvered roof

Keep your outdoor living low-maintenance and carefree with a louvered roof. A louvered roof is a popular option because this style of roof uses a waterproof design, allowing precipitation to run off. This innovative cover is best when you need to adjust your roof to open or close to the sunlight, heat, or rain.

One of the most versatile options for an outdoor space creation is a louvered roof with rotating blades for full control of sun and shade. Whenever the mood strikes, you can easily adjust the roof to increase light, enjoy a view of the sky above, or reduce exposure to the elements.


Retractable roof

If you are looking for operable roof ideas beyond adding an awning, screen, or pergola roof panels, consider a retractable roof system.. Choose from a retractable roof that adds a layer of protection against the sun, UV rays, heavy winds, and rain. Delight guests with a remote controlled retractable roof to change the lighting, increase cooling shade, or create a more open space.

Invite in the sun, cooling breezes, gentle rain, and reduce shade with a retractable roof for your out door space. Choose from stylish retractable pergola roofs made from fabric, metal, or other materials.


Climbing Plants & Vines

If you are a stickler for natural accessories and elements for your pergola, consider using climbing plants and vines to create a living roof. Keep in mind, there may be some open areas of your roof where rain might seep through.

However, during the warmer spring and summer seasons, a beautiful roof created from flowering climbing plants and vines is picturesque and calming. Choose from plants like wisteria, clematis, climbing roses, honeysuckle, trumpet vines, or even grapevines.



Move over traditional awnings and embrace a pergola with a canvas or fabric roof instead. If you live in a temperate zone where heavy snow or rain is unlikely, a light to middleweight fabric roof is perfect for a pergola. Create an airy, free-spirited ambiance with a sturdy but flexible canvas or fabric rooftop.


Green Plant Roof

Surround yourself with the beauty of nature from all sides, including the top of your pergola. A living roof made from a collection of striking green plants provides visual interest, shade, and improves air quality. Check out different plants that would work best to cover the top of your pergola and fit your aesthetic sensibilities.


Solar Panels

Show your support for eco-friendly design and even manage to produce your own electricity at home. Modern solar panels are easy to install as a roof for a pergola, capturing the sun above while keeping you cool and shaded below. Choose solar panels that are lightweight, durable, easy to install, and do not reduce the attractiveness of your pergola.


Materials for Operable Roofs

The material used for a roof is critical because it impacts lighting and shade levels, air circulation and may vary in how well it staves the wind, rain, and snow. Check out the following common materials for covering a pergola.


Metal and aluminum

Aluminum and steel are suitable roof options. If you want a lightweight roof that is resistant to rusting, an aluminum pergola is a better option. However, if you don’t mind a heavier cover, a steel roof is ideal for resisting strong winds, heavy rain, and locations that have harsher weather.

Be prepared; compared to aluminum, a steel roof will require frequent maintenance to prevent rust. If you opt for a space with metal roof, be mindful of the thickness, if it is corrugated, and how much weight it adds to your structure.



Transform your outdoor space and install glass pergola roof panels. Glass is a desirable material for roofs because it allows sunlight to pass but retains heat and provides insulation. However, be prepared to pay a bit more for a glass roof than one made from polycarbonate, plastic, or metal. Indulge your senses with a pergola glass roof that is static or retractable to protect against the rain, sunlight, and wind.


Turnerarc’s Roof Systems provide the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the health benefits of being in nature. Depending on your lifestyle, you can enjoy outdoor living no matter the season, with a roof that is waterproof, louvered, or retractable. Contact our team to learn more.