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How to Give Your Home an Exterior Make Over by Rejuvenating your Windows

How to Give Your Home an Exterior Make Over by Rejuvenating your Windows

Windows are the eyes of a home and changing them or adding curated window treatments can change the entire aesthetic of the home.

External window treatments such as External Venetial Blinds can give your home a sleek and sophisticated look. The modern design provides a unique solution to your shade and privacy challenges. The EVB’s can be motorised, giving you the ability to precisely adjust the angle of the blades and therefore, the amount of light filtering into your home.

“In addition to providing visual appeal, shade and privacy, External Venetian Blinds can also provide a substantial reduction in noise transmission when the blades are closed as well as enhance security as they act as a physical barrier.


Exterior Venetian blinds are comparable to Venetian blinds for indoor use. Their key feature is tilting slats that can be adjusted in extremely small increments. As a result they control incoming light and visibility through the blind to suit individual needs, ensuring optimum privacy, shade and protection from glare.


Exterior Venetian Blinds give you the power to control the light within your space.

  • incrementally adjustable and retractable aluminium slats eliminate glare, maximise internal light throughout the day and allow external views
  • high-performance technology creates your ideal atmosphere. EVB’s control how the sun meets glazed surfaces to keep harsh summer heat out or allow cosy passive warmth in during winter
  • sustainable thinking has created an exterior shade system that is growing in popularity as the most effective shading solution for our Australian climate
  • easily create the privacy you desire without compromising on sunlight
  • wireless and remote control technology integrates with CBUS and Building Management Systems for easy, intuitive operation.

Another great option is Speciality Louvres which are an excellent option when it comes to external shading. The best thing about louvres is that they can be attached to almost any existing window or door. With a high-strength frame and easy-to-manoeuvre blades, louvres provide weatherproofing, allowing you to control sunlight, rain and wind..With a visual aesthetic similar to shutters, specialty louvres offer a modern yet traditional appearance. One of the best features of specialty louvres is that, unlike shutters, they can be automated and adjustable, so they offer a flexibility with temperature and light control that other forms of external shading doesn’t. Turner Arc also provides the option of vertical or horizontal installation, along with a variety of materials to choose from, so there’s plenty of room for customisation for a specialty louvre that’s just right for your home..


To learn more about updating your home’s window treatments and adding motorisation, speak to our team at Turnerarc.