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AUTOMATION, Sustainability and how to choose the right motorised blind for your space

AUTOMATION, Sustainability and how to choose the right motorised blind for your space

Smart window blinds are one of the most popular home automation products for homeowners/office owners looking to be part of the future of sustainable energy., Allowing complete control over how much light enters your home at different times of the day, wherever you are at the touch of a button or via voice control.

Here are some of the most important advantages of automated window coverings.

Contactless control and convenience

The convenience of a motorised shade or blind really can’t be understated! The features of motorised shading gives you control over your shades without even having to touch them, meaning that there’s no need to interrupt your activity and movements in order to adjust your shades. Motorised shading can be controlled with the touch of a button, or with an automatic system, you don’t even need to use a remote as they can be set on a timer.

Whether you’re in the middle of cooking a meal or in the middle of a presentation, motorised shades and blinds are a convenient option for any lifestyle and setting.


Cordless design acts as a safety feature

For many people, the cords, chains, and strings that come with traditional shades and blinds can be a deterrent for choosing these kinds of shading systems. In family homes, day-care centres, and aged-care facilities, having loose cords around can be a serious hazard for both the young and the elderly.

By choosing a motorised alternative, blinds and shades can be controlled without the need for cords or chains. Eliminating this kind of hazard entirely, automatic shading systems make for a great option in family homes and facilities.


Boost Energy Efficiency

Automated window coverings can help you save energy by providing you with greater insulation and control over light, meaning you won’t have to heavily rely on heating and cooling systems.

By retracting them completely, blinds expose every inch of your window to natural light so you can reduce electric light usage indoors. Blinds can also be programmed to open and shut at specific times, letting you choose exactly how much sunlight you want entering your house. That way, you can naturally heat and cool your home by managing the amount of sunlight and significantly reduce your monthly utility bills.


Increases property value

If you’re a contractor, or a homeowner looking to sell now or increase your property value for the future, motorised shading is a smart choice. Just like any other custom feature of a commercial or residential building, motorised shades installed on doors and windows are more of an asset than the alternative.

Being both a practical and an attractive feature for appraisals and potential buyers, choosing to invest in an automatic shading system is undoubtedly going to increase your property value.


Voice Control Compatibility

Enjoy the complete smart home experience with the addition of voice control. Somfy’s Connexoon Window RTS features voice control compatibility, allowing you to operate your window coverings using a simple voice command to your Amazon Echo or Google Nest device.



Choosing motorised blinds for your home is an exciting, but possibly daunting task. There are a variety of motorised blinds available on the market. Understanding the different types of motorised blinds is important to helping you with the decision-making process. You might like motorised blinds inside, outside or both, depending on your needs and budget. We take you through the types of motorised blinds available (and their benefits) to help you make the correct choice for your home.


Interior Blinds

Motorised interior blinds are battery operated and the batteries last for 1-5 years. You don’t need an electricity connection to install them, making it far less complicated! These motorised blinds can be synced to open and close at certain times, even while you are on holiday. They also create a beautiful, seamless look to the inside of your home.


External Venetian Blinds

External venetian blinds allow you the freedom to play with the degrees of sunlight you would like to enter your home. Find a balance you like and you can set your blinds to open on that exact setting each time, using your remote control. If you like the ‘light filtering’ look of venetian blinds but don’t want the nuisance of adjusting them every day, then motorised venetian blinds are for you.


Straight drop blinds

Wire-guided blinds are a type of blind that give full protection from the sun and added privacy. When motorised, the rail system straight drop screen is raised and lowered via a track installed on each side of the window. There’s also a built-in sensor to ensure on windy days your screens are automatically raised to protect them from damage.


There are more benefits to having motorised and automatic shading systems – these are just to name a few! If you’d like to know more about how choosing motorised over manual could make the perfect match for your commercial project or homestead, contact Turnerarc today.